City of Champions weaves together various stories and scenes from Edmonton circa 1975 to 2005. Mixed with these are glimpses of other cities - from Paris to Hong Kong. Our subject is specific and universal. To represent urban diversity, we juxtapose various forms, from R&B to country. Certain songs are introduced or bridged by prose poetry intended to deepen and inform the song itself. We hope you find more to enjoy and ponder with repeated listening, as this work is intended above all for contemplation rather than one-time diversion. Nevertheless, individual tunes have been receiving radio play as independent works. The radio-friendly tunes, we surmise, are City of Champions, Barbie Doll, the Rathole, the Old Neighborhood, the Road to Nashville, and Twilight Wind. Depending on your musical background and interests, you may well prefer less expected works, such as à la Folies Bergères, the Ballad of Charley and Madge, Slow Dissolve, Another Part of Town, or In the Name of Love.

Our CD artwork represents the talents of James Kwong (original artist) and Dawn Woolsey (worker of composite computer magic). We are working on an art gallery with samples of James Kwong/Dawn Woolsey slides from past Confluence performances.

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old and ugly
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in the name of love
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in the name of love lyric
The following lyric was published, along with its music score, in the Fiddlehead, Spring 1995, No. 183. We believe this was the first time a Canadian literary/poetry journal published words and music.

in the name of love

all the artists were there
everyone left their chair
and applauded the screen
as the credits convened
with the love in our hearts
that just misses the mark
when it comes to ourselves
as it hurts someone else

would you like to sit down
can i buy the next round
tell me how you survive
are you free after five
i don't speak all that nice
and i smoke and throw dice
but i need to confess
i'm not hard to impress
as my sight fades away
and i feel you delay
for your moment to come
you've been left here as one
all the others in twos

as the band sings the blues
i reach for you
and hear all the rest
conduct their test
don't fail or you get the shove
in the name of love

in the name of your books
in the name of your house
in the name of these streets
in the name of disease
in the name of contempt
in the name of your hair
in the name of your thoughts
in the name of the law
in the name of the name
that nobody will say
in the name of the night
that has stolen our eyes
in the name of your life

Twilight Wind uses images and wording from "Keeper 'n' Me" by Richard Wagamese.

All songs © 1997-2006 Confluence except Barbie Doll ©1999 Parsons/Brundage
All rights reserved
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